FAR CRY 4 – glimpse into Kyrat.

-So you’re Snow White?

-Yes! Or… or no, which one gets me blown up?

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Video Game Challenge

✘[2/7] Male Characters - Vaas Montenegro | Far Cry 3
les-assassins-miserables: Yo, I know you aren't updating the blog that often, but I just wanted to say that I think this blog is fantastic. I have been scrolling/reblogging/saving-posts-as-drafts-so-as-not-to-overwhelm-my-followers-with-Far-Cry for a while now :)

hehe thank u so much. yea thats a problem - ive lost interest to keep it always updated. sorry to publish it now, but ye im looking for some co-mods if somebody is interested to join..

✎ Anonymous: Are you really Vaas Montenegro?

so what if i say yes what then?

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